Gent’s Club is located in Saigon, Vietnam. It specialises in providing:

  • Teaching resources in ICT and English
  • Syllabi, planning documents and lesson plans, etc.
  • Courses
  • Events


You can also contact us via our contact form. Please be aware that Vietnam is on GMT +7 time.

Gent's Club logo - contact
Gent’s Club, L8-12, Lucky Tower, 79 Nguyen Xi, Phuong 26, Binh Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

We aim to facilitate increased levels of Professionalism by encouraging working Professionals to become more Dapper, Debonair, Diligent, and Distinguished. Our motto “First impressions matter” applies to all aspects of life – getting an interview, getting a job, getting a date, and getting ahead in life. Whatever your aim is, improving yourself will increase your chances of success and increase your levels of self-esteem.