About Gent’s Club

  • Piers Midwinter directs, updates, and owns Gent’s Club.
  • All lessons booked through Gent’s Club are taught by Piers Midwinter. Lessons can be online or in central Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Gent’s Club has been designed primarily to help my students and myself! Especially now that COVID-19 is forcing students to learn online.
  • The initial aim of this website was to provide online courses, lessons, and resources for the Cambridge ICT Starters syllabus at the Primary School level.
  • It will now provide resources and courses on a range of other topics and subjects, e.g. digital art, etc.
  • This website has information on events held in Ho Chi Minh City or Online.
  • Gent’s Club does NOT have company status. It is a project I am working on.
  • I respect GDPR legislation as detailed in the Privacy Policy
  • Online lessons can use Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet/Hangouts
  • All lessons are by appointment only. Ho Chi Minh is in Indochina time (+7 GMT)
  • Go to the Contact page to make a payment by Paypal or to send me a message
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Anyone else interested in ICT, Digital Art, Graphics, programming, Robotics, Business and Cambridge English, etc.


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