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About Gent’s Club

  • Gent’s Club is my website. It has been designed primarily to help my school, my students, and myself! Especially now that COVID-19 is forcing students to learn online from home.
  • Its main aim is to provide online courses, lessons, and resources for the Cambridge ICT Starters syllabus at the Primary School level.
  • It will provide resources and courses on a range of topics/subjects
  • I may also decide to also include Cambridge English
  • This website has information on events.
  • This website has a public forum, and visitors can register online.
  • I respect GDPR legislation as detailed in the Privacy Policy.
  • Please read the Privacy Policy for a fuller legal statement.
  • Online lessons can use Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet/Hangouts

About me

  • My name is Piers Midwinter.
  • I am a highly qualified Native-English Speaking Teacher.
  • I have had over 20 years of teaching full-time employment.
  • I am currently employed as a Cambridge ICT Teacher at a member Cambridge International School.
  • I have worked as a Corporate Trainer, University Lecturer, etc.
  • I have taught Primary and Secondary ICT.
  • I have experience teaching most of the Cambridge English suite
  • I have run my own company and doing all of the tech
  • I won a University Prize for “excellence in the local community”
  • I created and directed five international arts festivals.
  • I am the creator and director of PiersMidwinter.com and GentsClub.us

ICT resources

Courses and resources for Cambridge ICT Starters students in Primary School.

Piers Midwinter

ICT lessons

Learn online or in Ho Chi Minh. Indochina time (GMT +7), at weekends and by appt.

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